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In-outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer
Function: Measure indoor temperature & humidity; measure outdoor temperature
Feature: LCD display
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Name: Thermo-hygrometer 
  Model: TH-02   Style: Electric LCD Brand: Honwon
Customizable for 1000PCS
Use: Measure Temperature and Humidity   Applicable for: Indoor/Outdoor   System: C/F Acceptable: OEM/ODM
MOQ: 1000PCS

Measuring range :

a. Indoor Temperature: -10C-50F(14F-122F);

b. Ourdoor Measuring range: -50C-70C( 58F~158F); Outdoor sensor wire length: 3M. 

c. Indoor Humidity: 20%-95% R.H.


a. Temperature: ±1C(±1.8F) within 0C~35C(32F~95F), ±2C at the remaining range;

b. Humidity: 5% R.H.within 40%~80% R.H.,and 0C~35C(32F~95F),8% at the remaining range.

Resolution: 0.1C(0.1F),1% RH;

Memory and display: maximum/minimum values.